Metrographics at the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair

Metrographics at the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair, participating under the umbrella of the Chamber of Commerce of Heraklion, had the opportunity to show its work to a much wider audience than in the specialized exhibitions. Hundreds of people have discussed with us and experienced the potentials of branding, the developing a business, product or service, place or event identity. They also had the chance to see samples of the packaging and brochures designed by Metrographics during more than 30 years of its operation.

Hundreds of business people discussed with us for their own needs, asked for our advice, and asked us questions about branding, packaging, print design, quality and cost. We had the pleasure of answering all the questions and seeing their faces lit up by our answers as we were able to show that branding, creative design, thoughtful packaging and well-printed material are not exotic things and they are never expensive when they are done properly. Finally, we had the chance to meet some of our customers in northern Greece, get to know better and talk about their future plans.

The exhibition itself is a large-scale event, with no comparison to any other exhibition in Greece, that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors for 9 consecutive days. A great river of people that has the opportunity to celebrate, to buy things but also to meet the latest technological and market achievements. It was a wonderful experience that we would gladly enjoy again!